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Aerial Robotics

I designed, manufactured and assembled custom racing drones for aerial acrobatics and filming. I enjoy both the engineering and piloting aspects of aerial robotics.

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Hand Exoskeleton

Created an EMG-Activated light exoskeleton by combining an electromyography sensor and LED strip for detection of detecting and visualising muscle forces. This could be used for multiple applications, such as rehabilitation and entertainment (bodybuilding, dancing special effects).

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Micro Jumping Robot

Bioinsipred Micro Jumping Robot

The humble grasshopper can jump over 200 times its size - a feat of chemical-mechanical-kinetic energy conversion that inspired the design of this micro-robot. It can be triggered remotely to jump over obstacles. We developed technology towards the use in rescuing people from collapsed buildings.

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Wind Turbine

Rapid Prototyping, Design, Build & Wind Tunnel Testing of a wind turbine aimed to operate in remote regions in Africa. Destructive testing was carried out to observe the structural failure mode and carry out a forensic analysis. Aerodynamic performance was among the best in class.

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Aircraft Structural Component

This project involved the iterative design and finite element analysis of an aircraft fuselage structure. We subsequently fabricated the design to our specifications and tested it to ultimate design strength and beyond. We achieved the best in class-specific strength performance.

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Lunar Gateway Design Proposal

Led a team of engineers and architects to create the conceptual design of a cislunar station. Subsequently, a similar design requirement was published by NASA 2 years later - the Lunar Gateway for project Artemis. Our work has been published by the AIAA in the US.

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Cryogenic Material Testing

Performing mechanical tests on supercooled Indium metal samples at -200 C and room temperature. This metal has characteristics at room temperature comparable to titanium at jet engine combustion temperatures. I worked on sample preparation, design and manufacturing of 3D printed supports, construction of a liquid nitrogen debit control device, and ran bending, tension, compression, shear and fatigue experiments.

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Solar Powered HAB

Led a team of 20 student engineers to conceptually design a solar powered 1-month endurance hydrogen fuel cell autonomous aircraft to provide internet access to remote areas. Worked in collaboration with the team that created the Facebook Aquila.

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Mental Health AI

Leveraging existing computer vision technologies in face landmarks detection, I built an app to track facial expressions in the workplace over long durations to monitor mental health. Aimed to serve as a tool for long-term spaceflight missions.

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Machine Learning Projects

I built AI models to predict battery cycle life for mission-critical applications, detect and track forest fires, forecast solar power generation and other interesting engineering tasks.

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NASA Space Colony Design

Created the conceptual design of a self-sustainable space colony capable of supporting a population of 1 m passengers. The design features pseudogravity, circadian rhythm simulation, and the associated design of the manufacturing infrastructure including an interplanetary transportation system. Winner of the NASA Ames Space Center International Space Settlement design contest.

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